November 06, 2020 09:45.

Happy International Taco Day Taco Lovers!

This year, we wanted to celebrate tacos (obviously), but we also knew we wanted to turn things inside out…
So, we introduce to you… the limited-edition

The Naked Chicken Taco is the answer to the question you never asked, but wished you had: what if the inside of the taco was actually the outside?

Yep, the Naked Chicken Taco turns things inside out, with 100% Aussie chicken breast seasoned and deep-fried, becoming the shell! Adding to the deliciousness, it is then filled with a zesty ranch dressing, lettuce, tomato and topped with tasty cheese! Drooling yet? You should be!

Already a Taco Bell USA cult-icon, the Naked Chicken Taco is guaranteed to be a hit with all! Who could resist the first ever taco made with 100% Aussie chicken, seasoned and crisped to perfection?

Devour this life-changing taco experience in restaurant now or order straight to your door with contactless and FREE DELIVERY thanks to Menulog!

Need more convincing to be amongst the first to try? We’ll be gifting (it is an international holiday) a pair of limited-edition taco socks to everyone that purchases a taco today!* While socks last!

Limited-edition taco socks and a taco experience like never before… there is definitely no better reason to head to restaurant and celebrate International Taco Day right now!

However you choose to celebrate today, make sure you tag us on social @tacobellaus and #tacobelltribe for the chance to be featured!

T&Cs. Limit one pair taco socks per transaction. Maximum limit one per customer. While socks last.

Free Delivery ends Sunday 18 October 2020.